Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, one of the most blessed land in India, with moderateclimate & lush greenery everywhere, is truly “The God’s own country”, byall aspects. This pretty South Indian state has everything a tourist needs,like alluring backwaters, flawless beaches, unique and drool worthy cuisine,traditional art forms, well-preserved wild life and charming hill stations.

Every part of Kerala is fascinating, in every seasons and times.But there comes the special most one, blessed with the coolest showers,tantalizing darkness and verdant greenery, which is the monsoon time. Keralamonsoon comes in two seasons, one starts in June that ends by mid-September andthe other starts by mid-October, lasts up to mid-November. Kerala rains, unlikeother lands, will never desperate you showering continuously, instead it hasoccasional sunlight that makes awesome rainbows and sparkling greenery.

Monsoon is that joyous time when the heavenly showers enfold theearth and leaves the entire land most appealing with rain drenched greenery andwet palm fronts. Become an explorer in this season by coming out & feelingthe rain instead of boring indoors and get refreshed yourself by splashingknee-deep waters, sailing paper boats and dancing to that real beat of your soul.

It is that season when waterfalls cascade awfully, rivers andlakes flows freely and vegetation grows immensely making the land the mostattractive. This is the time where the traditional living modes likeagricultural activities like paddy cultivation, fishing and farming programsgets more active thus make it ideal time to explore the true nature of typicalKerala lifestyle.

Monsoon is considered as the best season for wellness therapies.As per Ayurveda, it is the time when potency of Ayurvedic medicines increasesconsiderably as the temperature drops. Also, the presence of moisture in theair and skin surface helps the skin pores to open which aid the medicine to actat its best. Since Kerala is the origin point and hub of Ayurveda, folks oftourist visits every year during this season for rejuvenating therapies such asMassages & Panchakarmas, Detoxification therapies, Fitness programs, Spinecare etc.

Other interesting activities include monsoon fishing, a briefwalk through the paddy fields enjoying the stunning scenic beauty, relishing atraditional soul satisfying meal enjoying the rains, witnessing the most iconicsnake boat race conducted every year on the second Saturday of August in theAlleppey backwaters etc.

When you quote monsoon tourism, an inevitable part isAlleppey backwaters and houseboat ride. Alleppey being one of the most loved touristplace, gifted with backwaters is also called as “The Venice of East”.  Monsoon is the best time for honeymooners totake a houseboat cruise and enjoy the rain in the middle of lakes, which willbe the most romantic experience ever. Explorers will love to chill out their daysin the houseboats enjoying fishing in the lakes, eating sumptuous food and sightseeingwith that cool, refreshing rainy breeze caressing them.

Athirappilly waterfalls is another stunningoption you can opt during the monsoon in Kerala. This majestic waterfallslocated in Thrissur district of the state literally turns heavenly as the rainwater flows that showcases the wildest appeal of the falls.

The ever loved Munnar and Thekkady will turnthe most of those with rain wrapped lazy breeze and lush greenery. Monsoonmakes these destinations the most photogenic and ideal for romantic holidays.

Wayanad, known for its torrential rains, isanother best option to explore the flora and inhabitant wildlife. Pookkod Lake,Soochippara falls, Chembra Peak are best options in Wayanad to understand themagic of rain does with this charming hill station of Kerala.