Malaysia, the land coated with a green turban that speaks the elegance of the old Sultanate dynasty which now adapted to the developments of the modern era and turned to well-planned township has much focus on tourism, with a pleasant weather throughout, is an ideal hangout destination in Asia

Petronas Tower

The epitome of a perfect man-made architecture, these twin towers will steal your heart in first sight itself. Belonging to the Petronas Oil company, the tower attracts flocks of travelers irrespective of time or weather.

Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is an ideal places to stay in Malaysia and Jalan Alor is perfect for a food feast. The streets of Jalan Alor are filled with varieties of drool worthy food stalls throughout, with symphony of soothing music and dance going on one side.

Batu Caves

The ancient Batu caves with a series of caves and temples that depicts the story of the Tamil migration to Malaysia is the most popular tourist attraction. The huge statue of Lord Muruga of 80 feet height is the biggest of its kind, outside India.

Merdeka Square

The historically important Merdeka square that preserves the memories of the Sultan dynasty is a major attraction of Kualalampur, the capital of Malaysia. The place has the palaces, monuments and court buildings that reminds the traveler of the age old golden period of Sultan-ruled Malaysia. The central market close to Merdeka square is famous for shopping which is exclusive for traditional and hand-made items. Apart form all these, Kualalampur has the renowned underwater world aquarium, which is a never miss in Malayasia trip. Also, the kulalampur bird park which is the largest free-flight walk-in aviary located in the beautiful KL Lake gardens is a must-visit here.

Genting Highlands

This wild beauty of Malaysia has got one of the most important place in the tourism map of this country. The way that take you to the Genting highlands in cable cars has mind blowing views. This place has all the beauties of nature and wonderfully designed hotels, shopping malls in the midst of forest. Genting highland is popular for casinos, luxury hotels and has the hotel that has got the maximum number of rooms in the world. Apart from these, Langkawi, Malakka Island, Borneo Island, Penang island are other major places of interest in Malaysia

Currency : Malaysian Ringgit

Ideal visit duration : 3-5 days