The alluring  valleylaid between the Himalayas and the extremely pleasant and refreshingly coolclimate throughout the year makes this place truly worth calling “The Valley ofGods”.

Great Himalayan National Park

It is located in Kullu district atan altitude of between 1500 and 6000 m. It is listed as the 7th  UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in India. The wayto the park goes along with the Thirthan river, is a visual treat for tourists. It is the HeritagePark where you can even get very close to Snow Leopard and many other wildspecies, that gives the visitor such an awesome experience. Trekking and nightcamping is the major activities in this destination.


 This much populartrekking destination is situated in Parvathi Valley at an altitude  2960 m. Myth says that Lord Shiva hasmeditated here for 3000 years. 4-5 hours of trekking can take to the peak ofKheerganga where one can end it up with a spell-binding experience, withcaptured views of charming valleys and heavenly glaciers.


It is a town located in the banks of River Parvati. Thispopular pilgrim place for Hindus and Sikhs, also attract the tourists with itssplendid scenic views and hot springs. It is believed that bath in these hotsprings has the capacity to heal muscle pain

Raghunathji Temple

This temple where Lord Rama is worshipped is located at adistance of 1 km from Dhalpur in Kullu. Dussehra is the major festivalcelebrated here every year. Apart from a pilgrim place, the location at 2050meters altitude with a gorgeous view makes this place captivating for touristsalso.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

The temple is located at a distance of 10 KM from Kullu atthe altitude of 2460m, which have a trek of about 3 km. The temple where LordShiva is worshipped usually closes between the months of January and March. It is situated in the peak pointof Kullu from where the complete view of the town can be glimpsed. Alsosnowfall can be experienced here during autumn which is a heavenly experience.