Being a pretty vast land, China is blessed with all kind of geography form snowy Himalayas in its border to landscapes and amazing man-made townships .


First and foremost in the capital city, Beijing to visit is the ancient “Forbidden City”. One may wonder why a simple palace is called as a “city” and your concern will be answered as soon as you step into this magnificent compound. The name came from the rule that no one except the the royal family members and the bureaucrats were allowed to enter the premises of this palace in the ancient times. The renowned Tiananmen square is the biggest of its kind in the entire world and this is where Mao Tse Tung’s physical body is still preserved

Great wall of China

A giant wall spread in an area of 6000 kilo meters built in the ancient age when there was no technology or accessibility and no other explanation is needed to remark it as a world wonder. As stated, since it is pretty big, a small portion of it can only be visible, but is a never miss in China Visit because of the intelligent architecture


The largest city of China, awaits you with a feast of tourist destinations enough to captivate your attention. To reach Shanghai, it is ideal to take the high speed rail route from Beijing. Huangpujiang river separates this city into two, that is the old and new town and the Shanghai promande that is situated on the banks of this river is a place of interest in Shanghai. The Yu garden also called as the Garden of happiness is located here and is a must watch. The jade Buddha temple, Longhua temple are spiritually popular spots of Shanghai. The people square, Shanghai Museum, The China art museum are other major attractions of Shanghai. Shopping in Nanjing road on the way on the way to jade temple will be interesting.

Currency: Yuan

Ideal visit duration: 4-6 days