Sideshwar Nath Temple

Sidheshwar Nath temple is famous forits large monolithic Shivalinga, considered as the largest excavated by localpeople in 2004. Temple is located on a hilltop around 20 Km away fromZiro.  

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Pleioblastus Simone is a particularkind of Baboo can be seen only in Talley valley. Talley Valley is located fromaround 32 km away from Ziro. Stunning plateau covered with diverse flora andfauna with silver color trees, orchids and bamboos. Talley valley is located1500 meters above the sea level in Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh.

Kile Pakho

A Major viewpoint, surrounded bysnow-capped mountains. From Kile Pakho, visitors can enjoy the enthrallingbeauty of the entire plateau.

Namdhapha National Park

Namdhapha NationalPark an exciting spot for adventurelovers. An unexplored dense dark tiger reserve with bare minimum stayfacilities. Stay facility for the visitors arranged by forest department inforest guest house.