Tawang monastery

Tawang monastery is an important shrine of Mahayana Buddhism. This is considered India's largest and Asia’s second largest monastery. Monastery situated on top of a hill and it is visible from any part of the town. A huge library situated in the library with large a collection of ancient books and manuscripts. The monastery is associated with a large three-storied prayer hall with 28 feet high Lord Buddha statue and fascinating murals on the walls. A museum located opposite to the prayer hall with a rare collection of artifacts manuscripts related to the history of Tibetan Buddhism.     


A dream place to visit with snow peaked mountains and Frozen Paradise Lake. This is located around 3 hrs travel distance from Tawang on the way to Bomdilla. The mesmerizing landscape located more than 13000 feet above sea level. 


The magnificent Nuranang falls located between Tawang and Dirang and near to Jungtown. Nuranang falls also known as Jang falls. Water from the falls used for a hydel electric station to generate electricity of the entire Tawang. Name of the falls associated with Indian History.


One of the most beautiful lakes in Tawang maintained by Indian Army. Dead trees amidst of the serene lake make the view more enchanting. Shongutser Lake renamed in the name of the actress after shot  Koylafilm near the lake.


PankangTeng Tso Lake is known as PTSO Lake. PTSO is a pristine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains located around 25 Km from Tawang. This picturesque lake is known for its indescribable serenity. PTSO Lake is holy for the localities. Combination of clear sky, blue water, and multicolor orchids on the banks makes one feel of heaven on earth.